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Costa Rica is the birth place of zip lining. Wildlife biologists used the first zip lines as they worked to move about in heavily forested areas above the jungle floor. Zip lining at El Santuario is not associated with work anymore! More than 500 acres of rain forest make up the El Santuario property, and include primary and secondary jungle. Santuario is the Spanish word for “Sanctuary”. In 2012 the property was purchased and with the help of a zip line engineer (what a cool job!), a Costa Rican arborist and some very hard working laborers – El Santuario Canopy Adventure was launched. Your Costa Rica excursion will take you above, through and under the amazing canopy of gorgeous trees.

Our “Sanctuary” gives you a glimpse into the amazing bio diversity of the rain forest. Climb up a Lechoso tree, zip off the platform in the Chilamata and see the orchids growing all up and down the trees, and rappel down the side of the giant Ceiba tree. All of this will be a part of your Costa Rica adventure tour. Butterflies and hummingbirds will join you as you relax in the rancho at the beginning and end of your zip line adventure. Are you on a Costa Rica vacation with family or friends? Or are you planning a Costa Rica wedding or honeymoon? Big groups to singles, 4 year olds to 87 year olds – let us share our piece of the rainforest with you! Let El Santuario be your unforgettable Costa Rican adventure!



El Santuario is very close to the town of Quepos. Quepos was once the home of the Quepoa Indians- the fiercest warriors in all of Central America. Quepos became an established port city when businesses came in to grow bananas. The sea wall helps keep Quepos from flooding; as it is actually 3 meters below sea level. In the 1940’s, Banana plantations were replaced with African Palms after a banana blight spread up from Panama. Quepos still harvests and processes palm oil. This major export is used in everything from cooking oil to makeup and added to ice cream to make it creamier. As you travel to El Santuario you will see Quepos, the palm plantations and sometimes the ox drawn carts still used to gather the palm fruits as they are harvested by hand.


Sometime between 900 AD and 950 AD the Quepoa Indians made Manuel Antonio their winter home. This beautiful area is now preserved as Manuel Antonio National Park. Since 1972 Manuel Antonio National Park has been one of Costa Rica’s most visited tourist attractions. Beautiful beaches, amazing hiking trails and abundant wildlife make it one of the great things to do in Manuel Antonio. Up the hill from the National Park, the town of Manuel Antonio boasts beautiful hotels, villas, a wide variety of restaurants and wildlife in the form of sloths, 3 types of monkeys and lots of spectacular birds. Our canopy office is located in Manuel Antonio in the Falls Resort at Manuel Antonio. An overlapping ownership group owns El Santuario, The Falls Resort and The Falls Garden Restaurant. Any of our staff will be happy to help you during your stay in Costa Rica. Enjoy – and be sure you take time from your Costa Rica tours to stop and smell the roses – or here, the orchids.