Longest Zip Line


What makes El Santuario Canopy Adventure the best zip line and canopy experience in Costa Rica?

Your safety is our primary concern. Creating an experience of a lifetime runs a close second!
Our zip line adventure is one of the closest to Manuel Antonio National Park and our price includes the longest twin zip lines in all of Costa Rica and Central America. Race your friends and family over the 4300 foot lines high above the treetops while enjoying a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean on the horizon! Our suspension bridges, our unique airstairs, huge towers, and our over-sized tree platforms add to the experience. You will be up close and personal with many of Costa Rica’s most famous trees. Prior to trying out our short practice line, you will receive a short safety orientation from our bi-lingual guides. During the orientation you will learn about your safety equipment and the proper position for riding the lines. Your high quality safety equipment includes a helmet, gloves, eye protection if you don’t have your own, harness, and three lanyards with high quality carabiners. (one lanyard is attached to the pulley, one is a backup on the line, and third is your safety line which securely attaches you to the platforms and bridges between lines). You will also carry a small, lightweight aluminum triangle. This triangle is your handle when you are zipping on the lines. This handle allows you to comfortably ride the lines without spinning around or having to touch the lines while moving. This keeps your hands and fingers safe and protected. no-hands

Latest technology.

Our proprietary brake system allows our guests to glide on our lines without worrying about how they will control their speed. This allows our riders to relax and enjoy the beautiful views while zipping above, below, and through the canopy. Our platforms, bridges, lines, anchors, and infrastructure have been built to exacting standards using the highest quality materials available. Our lines, trees, towers, anchors, and equipment are inspected for safety and proper operation daily. Our metal platforms have been built to provide stability and safety for our guests as well as for the health and vitality of the trees. Great care has been taken during construction to care for the jungle and the precious trees. We have an ongoing reforestation project at El Santuario. Beginning in 2011, volunteers from a variety of groups joined us to begin the process to plant the tree and plant groupings most recommended for promoting, preserving, and reforesting the rainforest.
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